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Our Community

A Warm Thank You to all our Local Businesses and Organizations for supporting our initiatives. 

Revitasize Mid-Town generously equips us with "Healthy Tools", to compliment our Events of Healthy Mind Conversing, Indulging & Exploring together!

Revitasize is more than just a juice company. It's the idea that you can live a healthier life. At Revitasize they understand that within our daily hectic schedules, it can be difficult to give our bodies the vital nutrients it requires to function at it’s finest.

Revitasize’s passion is to bring you cold-pressed, fresh, raw organic juices daily, as well as a full menu of on the go healthy organic options. It is deeply rooted in their values that they provide YOU with the healthiest tools to revitalize your mind, body, and soul!

For more information, feel free to check out their Instagram.

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Concussion Legacy Foundation

Concussion Legacy Foundation's (CLF) mission is to support Athletes, Veterans and all affected by concussions and CTE; achieve smarter sports and safer athletes through education and innovation; and to End CTE through prevention and research. For more information, feel free to check out their Website at: 

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CLF Resources:


CLF HelpLine CLICK HERE, provides personalized help to those struggling with the outcomes of brain injury.


CLF Research Registry Program CLICK HERE, for brain donation.


CLF Current Research Opportunities available, CLICK HERE.


CLF Concussion Game Plan Podcast CLICK HERE, designed to help patients and caregivers navigate acute concussion recovery.



Taste the difference INCA’S GOLD high-quality, certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, quinoa, chia, and maca products make in your journey to better health.  

As ancient superfoods, these plant-based products are well known for being valued as “gold” by the Incan civilization for their unique nutritional and health benefits.  Now you can discover some of the most nutritious foods on earth with INCA’S GOLD.

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Hidden Disability Movement

Join the movement for a National Hidden Disability Symbol (HDS)

It is time. It is right. It is needed.

Because hidden disabilities are not readily apparent to others, there is a need for awareness, self-advocacy and representation of the Hidden Disability Community (HDC). 

As a symbol of Canada’s commitment to the Hidden Disability Community, a national Hidden Disability Symbol will act as both a self-advocacy tool and a social, cultural, and systemic transformation tool.

Join The Movement


HDS Canada is looking for non-profit organizations to join them as allies by showing public support for Canada to adopt a nationally recognized Hidden Disability Symbol. For more information, feel free to check out their website at:

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Trésor House, a lifestyle brand that houses different avenues to empower yourself to live your greatest life.

Jessica West is the founder of Trésor House, Creative Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, and Dedicated Volunteer for various agencies supporting brain injury survivors.

In 2015, she was involved in a motor-vehicle accident that left her with several fractures, lacerations, and a traumatic brain injury. The paramedics and doctors did not expect her to survive. She did, however, and one by one, defied the limitations placed upon her.

Her recovery journey lasted several years and, despite the physical, emotional,
and cognitive challenges, offered her great insight and perspective. Through it all, Jessica learnt to harness the power of the spirit-mind-body connection, which empowered her to reach a full recovery.

Self-empowerment is an inside job, meaning it can only be done by the individual themselves."~Jessica West

Jessica has a calling to share what she's learned through her journey with the World and to offer others the avenues to empower themselves to live a life worth living, on their terms. We can all agree that when we feel good, we show up better for ourselves, for our work, and for those around us. For more information, feel free to check out her website at:

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Canadian Women in Food (CWIF) was founded in 2014, as a National Association to help amplify the voices of female food Entrepreneurs and to promote a more inclusive space for all women in food.


Our Members are female founders of food businesses, and women employed in professional food industry positions.


We are the place where Women Entrepreneurs in food who crave connection come to grow themselves and their businesses.


We bring together Entrepreneurs to build relationships that matter, so we can successfully navigate challenges, seize opportunities, make exclusive connections, and have a positive impact on the communities we serve.


Gifts of Goodness curated gift box program named to The BEST Food & Drink Gift Guide by Taste Toronto, a key source of trending food news & events. 


For more information, visit

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A Child’s Voice® Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating and managing programs that tangibly support and enhance the physical and emotional well-being of financially disadvantaged children in Canada who are facing an illness or disability by providing them with products and services not otherwise provided by insurance plans, levels of government or other organizations.

Currently, the foundation and its programs rely solely on the generosity of public and corporate donors.  We do not receive any funding from the government or any other charitable organization.

Caring for a child who is sick or disabled is not only emotionally challenging but can be financially devastating and we hope to make things a little easier for these children, their family, and caregivers.


Through our programs, we can extend a hand to those in need and help them through a difficult time. Many times, A Child’s Voice Foundation is their only hope.


Through the Angel Hair for Kids program, we turn donated hair into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions and treatments. These wigs and related services are provided at no cost to children or their families.

The Kids Life-Line program provides a sick or disabled child with an immediate, essential, and sometimes critical product or service. We have provided medications, small medical equipment, special transportation, and much more.

For more information on the Foundation’s programs and ways to support us, please check out our website -

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